lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

Acá estoy...

jajaja....eso... no he escrito nada de nada... estoy en etapa vegetativa...pero estoy viva...eso es lo que realmente importa.

Canción del momento:

"Nothing Really Matters"

When I was very young

Nothing really mattered to me

But making myself happy

I was the only one

Now that I am grown

Everything's changed

I'll never be the same

Because of you

[Chorus:]Nothing really matters

Love is all we need

Everything I give you

All comes back to me

Looking at my life

It's very clear to me

I lived so selfishly

I was the only one

I realize

That nobody wins

Something is ending

And something begins

Nothing takes the past away

Like the future

Nothing makes the darkness go

Like the light

Madonna del CD "Ray of light"

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Tu nick un tiempo fue más que un mero nick... no lo olvides